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Medical Narratives of Pregnancy Realisation, Diagnosis, and Testing in Twentieth-century Britain The Importance of Narratives of the “Affected People” in the Biomedical Sciences - Beyond Experts’ Voices Very Public Enquiries: Medico-legal Investigations into the Identities of the Unknown Dead, c.1800-1930 "‘Slummy Foreign Germs’? Politics, Medicine and Postcolonial Migration" "Intimacy and Display in ‘Medical’ Portraits"

<a href="/node/31">Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician’s Jou</a> <a href="/node/58">Seven Years to Save the Planet</a> <a href="/node/139">Clothing as Medicine</a>

<a href="/node/497">Math/Maths 127: Hiatus Begins</a> <a href="/node/493">Math/Maths 126: Review of the year - 1712</a> <a href="/node/492">Math/Maths 125: Kevin Devlin&#039;s Introduction to Mathematical Thinking MOOC</a>

Dissociation Science Genetics Particle Physics State Medicine Hearing Acoustics and Engineering Parapsychology Game Theory UK 1848 Public Health Act

<a href="/node/434">Strange Quarks: Series 3 Episode 4 (Stevyn Colgan)</a> <a href="/node/432">Strange Quarks: Series 3 Episode 3 (Mark Henderson)</a> <a href="/node/374">Strange Quarks: Series 3 Episode 2 (Deborah Hyde)</a>

<a href="/node/385">Sextant</a> <a href="/node/386">Syringe</a> <a href="/node/387">Lightning</a>

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The Pulse Project is pleased to present 5 podcasts recorded over the course of the Autumn Semester, History of Medicine Seminar Series funded by the Centre's Wellcome Trust Strategic Award: ‘The Personal and the Public: Perspectives on Social History of...
We are pleased to present 19 podcasts recorded at the two part international symposium:   "Reassessing Nazi Human Experiments and Coerced Research, 1933-1945: New Findings, Interpretations and Problems" 4 - 7 July 2013, Wadham College, Oxford...



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