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"Parent abuse in early modern Finland – crime and culture" "Adolescent on parent abuse in the UK" "Political incarceration in post-Soviet Russia:  Negotiating celebrity" "Art and Propaganda in the First World War: The 'Efforts and Ideals'  initiative with reference to treating the wounded" “Shoplifters of the world – unite and take over!” Isabel Barnett, shame and civility’

<a href="/node/31">Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician’s Jou</a> <a href="/node/58">Seven Years to Save the Planet</a> <a href="/node/139">Clothing as Medicine</a>

<a href="/node/633">Math/Maths 128‏: What Samuel and Peter Did Next</a> <a href="/node/497">Math/Maths 127: Hiatus Begins</a> <a href="/node/493">Math/Maths 126: Review of the year - 1712</a>

Parapsychology Psychology Acoustics and Engineering Anomalistic Psychology Cognition and Emotion Amnesia Paradigms Particle Physics Genetics Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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<a href="/node/385">Sextant</a> <a href="/node/386">Syringe</a> <a href="/node/387">Lightning</a>

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“Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother”:  Violence Against Parents in Past and Present St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, Oxford, 6-7 July 2015   Convened by:
The Pulse Project is pleased to present 4 podcasts recorded over the course of the 2014 Spring Semester, History of Medicine Seminar Series funded by the Centre's Wellcome Trust Strategic Award: 'Medical Narratives in Public and Private' Convener:...



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