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Medical and Social Approaches to Alcoholism in Post-WWII Japan Assimilation by Alcohol: The role of France’s Mission Civilisatrice in the spread of alcoholism in twentieth-century Algeria Medical, moral, and political treatment of alcoholics in late Soviet psychiatry, 1970-1991 A Cradle of Psychotherapy: Alcohol addiction treatment in Socialist Czechoslovakia, 1948-1989 ‘Disciples of Asclepius ‘or ‘Advocates of Hermes’? Greek psychiatrists and alcohol at the turn of the twentieth century

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<a href="/node/633">Math/Maths 128‏: What Samuel and Peter Did Next</a> <a href="/node/497">Math/Maths 127: Hiatus Begins</a> <a href="/node/493">Math/Maths 126: Review of the year - 1712</a>

Illusions Parapsychology Game Theory IQ Testing Psychology Hearing Cognition and Emotion Agnosia Evolutionary Genetics Optimism

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<a href="/node/387">Lightning</a> <a href="/node/386">Syringe</a> <a href="/node/385">Sextant</a>

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Conference Podcasts "Alcohol, Psychiatry and Society" St Anne’s College, Oxford, 29-30 June 2017  
  “Alcohol flows across cultures: Drinking cultures in transnational and comparative perspective” International Research Symposium, St Anne’s College, Oxford, 29–30 June 2016  



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