Pulse Project for the new year

Welcome to the Pulse Project!

With our new virtual home having recently (re)opened its doors, we look forward to introducing you to our new website and some of its exciting new content and features. As always, we hope that these regular blogs will offer a channel of communication and are grateful for any feedback, comments, and advice you might have. The Pulse Project hopes to advance the synergy between cutting edge scientific research and the history and science, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are considering publishing and disseminating your own particular work with us in the form of public lectures.

The bulk of the website’s current contents are the sixteen lectures we were delighted to record and host for Science Oxford in 2008. We very much hope to continue this collaboration in the coming years, all the more so as Science Oxford’s public lecture programme displays such an impressive empirical depth and conceptual breadth that it has something to offer to any audience, whether you are a specialist or simply curious.  

We are equally excited about the first conference to find its way onto our site. Co-convened by one of our directors, Tudor Georgescu, the conference discussed “Greater Romania's National Projects: Ideological Dilemmas, Ethnic Classification, and Political Instrumentalisation of Ethnic Identities” (10-12 April 2008, Oxford Brookes University), all eighteen of its papers have now been posted as audio lectures.

On a final note, we are delighted to introduce the most recent of our stand-alone lectures, Dr. Valentin-Veron Toma’s insightful analysis of the history of Psychiatry in 19th and 20th century Romania entitled: “Psychiatry, Anthropology, and Legal Medicine in Alexandru Sutzu’s Publications.” We hope this lecture, in tandem with the conference mentioned above, will illustrate the increasing degree of conceptual overlap between scientific and historic disciplines that Pulse Project will explore in the future, and look forward to partaking in a lively debate on our blogs and forums.



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