Katharine Wright

Author Biography and Research Interests: 

Katharine Wright is Assistant Director at the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. There she organises and runs Working Parties and other activities, and is involved in representing the Council to the public and professional bodies.

Before joining the Secretariat in May 2007, she worked on health law and ethics in the NHS, the Department of Health and the House of Commons.


DNA and CSI: Where did you leave your genetic fingerprint?

Katharine Wright

30 Sept 2008; Science Oxford.

An insight into the ethical issues surrounding the forensic use of DNA.

The use of DNA is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in criminal investigations.  The UK's forensic database holds around 4 million DNA profiles, but does this affect people's liberty and privacy, or is the collection of 'bioinformation' justified by the need to fight crime?



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