Very busy marketing.

It has been a very busy month promoting the site, and a very succesful one. I am very happy indeed that my favourite local information sheet in oxford have allowed us to post a link on their website. I always enjoy reading the daily info as it lets me now exactly what is on in oxford in terms of lectures.

We have also joined twitter. If you don’t know what twitter is, then you are missing out. It is what some people describe as a microblogger and allows you to update your ‘followers’ on information, share ideas, or make contacts. You will find us by going to @pulseproject - so add us and learn more about what we are doing. I found some great twitter friends. In the world of twitter you add an @ before the name to link to people you are talking to.  Found some great people there @sciencebase. The man who introduced me to the science aspect of twitter has also got a list of scitwists that we are included in. We have also talked to @fusionenergy who are the UKAEA Culham and they want to spread the word about what's happening on fusion research - to bring you a new form of energy! Claire Ainsworth has added us to connecting science. This is a forum to connect scientists to a wider audience, and it is worth signing up to. I could talk all day about the people I have met on twitter, so I will simply urge you to join as it is a very useful site to connect and learn from people.

We have also started a facebook group, you can find us here , which will inform people on the new lectures we will be recording and organising. Lots of bloggers have been picking us up, which has helped us to spread the word about the Pulse Project and resulted in some great feedback – the links for which we will share with the bloggers in our blog. A kind of blog to blog wave.  But there will also, should you not be on either twitter or facebook, be a subscription link that will allow you to get information about up and coming lectures. We promise not to send them too often so as to not fill up your inbox. We will not give them to third parties offering cheap drugs from far off places. We are not that type of people. We have a few projects on the go at the moment and will update people when they go online.





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