Tudor Georgescu

Author Biography and Research Interests: 

I am currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on the Wellcome Trust funded Programme Grant investigating 'Disputed Bodies: Subject's narratives of medical research in Europe, 1940-2001' at Oxford Brookes University, and an Associate Lecturer of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion and its Centre for Health Medicine and Society.

My core research interests revolve around the emergence of eugenic and fascist movements amongst interwar German ethnic minorities more widely, and the Transylvanian Saxons in Romania in particular that were the subject of my PhD. The doctoral thesis sought to explore how ethnic minorities interpreted and appropriated the eugenic promise of a healthier, better, nation, and the degree to which the Transylvanian Saxons produced and empowered an indigenous agenda of national regeneration. Expanding on these research themes into how cultural and biological approaches to identity construction were moulded and managed by political and medical ideologies, my current research looks into the more contemporary and equally contentious issues surrounding reproductive medicine and the spectre of 'bioslavery' as conceptual tools and cultural points of reference in a rapidly changing biotechnological landscape.


Email (Brookes): tgeorgescu@brookes.ac.uk

Current/ Ongoing Projects:

  • Director of the Pulse Project (co-founder, May 2008, facebook)
  • Director of the 'History of Race and Eugenics Research Group' (HRE) at Oxford Brookes University (since October 2011, previously Research Coordinator and founding member in June 2006, link)
  • Co-editor of Political Religion Compass (Wiley-Blackwell eJournal, co-founder in March 2008, link)
  • with Marius Turda. Race and Modernity: A global history. A textbook aimed at the undergraduate market contracted by Continuum (manuscript submission by end of 2013)
  • Editorial Board member of the Ibidem-Verlagbook series on 'Explorations of the Far Right' edited by Anton Shekhovtsov (since creation in 2011, link)
  • Convenor of the 'Eugenics at the Movies' series of free screenings of period feature films on matters of public and social health for students and the wider public (launched in April 2013, facebook)

Previous Posts:

  • 2010-2012: 'Outreach Officer' (part-time) for Oxford Brookes University’s Centre for Health, Medicine and Society
  • 2010-2011: Programme Coordinator (part-time) for the Berendel Foundation.
  • 2009-2010: Research Officer (part-time) for the AHRC funded research project on “Victims of Human Experiments under National Socialism” at Oxford Brookes University.
  • 2009-2010: Research Assistant (part-time) for the Wellcome Trust funded ‘Pilot Project’ on “Romanian Eugenics and Its International Dimension” at Oxford Brookes University (since: July 2009)
  • 2006-2008: Senior Reviews Editor of Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, a quarterly Taylor & Francis journal (UK)


  • The Eugenic Fortress: The Transylvanian Saxon Experiment with National Regeneration in Interwar Romania. Budapest: Central European University Press, forthcoming (manuscript under review, prospective publication date is Summer 2014).

  • "In Pursuit of a Purged Eugenic Fortress: Alfred Csallner and the Transylvanian Saxon Eugenic Discourse in Interwar Romania." Marius Turda, Sevasti Trubeta, and Christian Promitzer (eds.). Hygiene, Health and Eugenics in Southeast Europe to 1945. Budapest: Central European University Press, 2011: pp.351-84.

  • "Ethnic Minorities and the Eugenic Promise: The Transylvanian Saxon experiment with national renewal in interwar Romania." European Review of History 17.6 (2010): pp.861-80.* (top 20 article downloads for 2011)

  • "Pursuing the Fascist Promise: The Transylvanian Saxon 'Self-Help' from genesis to empowerment, 1922-1933/35" Marius Turda and Robert Pyrah (eds.). Culture and Identity in Central Europe. Oxford: Legenda, 2010: pp.55-73.

  • (in Polish) "An Assault on Optimism: Locating and defining the Transylvanian Saxon eugenic discourse in interwar Romania." Magdalena Gawin and Kamila Uzarczyk (eds.). Eugenika-biopolityka-państwo : Z historii ruchów eugenicznych w pierwszej połowie XX w (Eugenics-Biopolitics-State. Histories of Eugenic Movements in the First Half of the 20. Century). Warszawa: Neriton, 2010.

  • and Marius Turda (guest eds). Special issue on 'Race and Anthropology in Interwar Central and Eastern Europe', Focaal  58 (2010).

  • “When Good Neighbours Pay for Your Medical Bills (And So Much More): Towards a history of Transylvanian Saxon medical welfare in interwar Romania.” Wellcome History 45 (Winter 2010): pp.12f. (link)

  • and Marius Turda. “Romanian Eugenics and its International Context, 1918-1944” Wellcome History 44 (Summer 2010): pp.14f. (link)

  • Feldman, Matthew, Marius Turda, with Tudor Georgescu (eds.). Clerical Fascism in Interwar Europe. Abingdon: Routledge, 2008.

  • (in Romanian) "Discursul Eugenic Sasesc Transilvanean, 1885-1944" ("The Transylvanian Saxon Eugenic Discourse, 1885-1944"). Cuvantul 3 (2008): pp.6-8.


“Transylvanian Saxons Eugenics in Interwar Romania: Concepts and Practices”

Tudor Georgescu

(Oxford Brookes University)

“Transylvanian Saxons Eugenics in Interwar Romania: Concepts and Practices”

Oxford Brookes University



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