Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics Episode 2

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Episode two of the Math/Maths podcast, With Peter Rowlett in Nottingham and Samuel Hansen in Las Vegas 

[17:09:54] Peter Rowlett: Photo of house
[17:18:24] Samuel Hansen
[17:19:20] Peter Rowlett: Sharks use fractals to hunt
[17:22:37] Peter Rowlett: Reclusive Russian math genius is a no-show
to pick up $1M prize money

[17:23:23] Peter Rowlett: Discover Interview The Math Behind the
Physics Behind the Universe

[17:24:46] Samuel Hansen: Fibonacci Knives
[17:26:19] Peter Rowlett: Reunited set of math problems gives clues to
how Lincoln learned

[17:29:10] Samuel Hansen: USA Math Olympiad Winner
[17:30:34] Peter Rowlett: The Other World Cup
[17:32:37] Peter Rowlett: Should maths education be changed to further

[17:33:59] Samuel Hansen: arXiv vs snarXiv
[17:35:54] Peter Rowlett: Cheltenham's GCHQ teaches pupils
code-cracking methods

[17:37:28] Peter Rowlett: June NRICH, a special on the links between
Mathematics and Art

[17:38:19] Samuel Hansen: Rock Paper Scissors
[17:40:47] Peter Rowlett: Frank Duckworth MBE
[17:45:46] Samuel Hansen: World Cup
[18:07:17] Peter Rowlett: Professor Risk
[18:11:11] Peter Rowlett: Edinburgh Your days are numbered: the maths
of death

[18:15:28] Peter Rowlett: Is the magic over?
[18:16:16] Peter Rowlett: Twitter, search for #TMIP2010:
[18:16:30] Peter Rowlett: Conference press release
[18:16:39] Peter Rowlett: Haggis the Sheep
[18:16:53] Peter Rowlett: Peter with Haggis the Sheep
[18:18:18] Peter Rowlett: 200th post to Travels in a Mathematical
[18:18:54] Peter Rowlett: Carnival of Mathematics #66
[18:19:14] Peter Rowlett: Send Peter an article for Carnival of
Mathematics #67





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