Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics Episode 4

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Episode 4 of the Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics
Description/summary: A conversation about mathematics between the UK
and USA from Peter Rowlett in Nottingham calls
Samuel Hansen in Las Vegas and the pair chat about math and maths that
has been in the news, that they've noticed and that has happened to

George Green
Decline of mathematical studies
Chicks count from left to right – just like us
Idiotic Letter
Boxer Nathan Cleverly earns maths degree
Are you making the most of professional networks?
Feynman to Wolfram
Information Pioneers
Theorem of the Day(Generator)
Real Explanation
12 Scholarly Hoaxes
Abstract adventuring by Martin Gardner
Unpublishable Mathematics
Rejecta Mathematica
The Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition
Maths inside
Plus Issue 55
Math/Maths Podcast: 5136 miles of mathematics on Plus
Matt Parker Your Days are Numbered
350th anniversary convocation celebrated in Royal style
IMA Branches
Robert Boyle: wishlist of a Restoration visionary
Image of wishlist
Drawing of telescope by Newton
Handwritten Principia
iSquared Magazine
History of Maths and x, where x = cryptography and astronomy
Outreach in Collaboration III: The CELS Celebration event
Call for submissions to Carnival of Mathematics blog carnival

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Samuel Hansen:
Twitter: @Samuel_Hansen or @acmescience

Peter Rowlett:
Website, get in touch:
Twitter @peterrowlett



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