Inger Wikström-Haugen

Author Biography and Research Interests: 

Author Biography
Born in Gothenburg, Sweden. University studies, degree and research in Art History, History, History of Economics and History of Science and Ideas, with a focus on the History of Medicine. Dr. phil. h.c. from the University of Gothenburg

Curator and Senior Curator at the municipal History Museum of Gothenburg and responsible for the creation, development and management of the Medical History Museum of Gothenburg 1975-1996.
Director of the museum after its move to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, 1997-2009.
Secretary General of the Scandinavian Society for the History of Medicine umbrella organization, 1987-1999
1st Vice President of the European Association of Museums of History of Medical Sciences (AEMHSM/ EAMHMS) since 2000

Research interests
Museum matters and the History of Medicine of Gothenburg and Sweden in its international context, such as:
Patients and economy at the Sahlgrenska Hospital 1782-1822, The medical use of leeches in the 19th century, The education of nurses in Gothenburg before 1900 and Attitudes to the Venereal Disease in Sweden at the beginning of the 19th century.


From Undocumented Objects to a Public, Scientific Museum: About the Medical History Museum of Gothenburg, Sweden

Inger Wikström-Haugen

Museums of Medicine in Past and Present: Innovating the use of medical collections as public and private academic resources,” 12-14. May 2010, Semmelweis Museum Budapest.

“From undocumented objects to a public, scientific museum. About the Medical History Museum of Gothenburg, Sweden”

How do you deepen the general public’s interest, along with that of scientists and politicians, in a medical history museum?” This question has been the guiding star and the great challenge of my long professional life as museum curator and director.

  • Patienten im Sahlgrenschen Krankenhaus 1782-1822. (Abhandlungen zur Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften, heft 39, Mensch und Gesundheit in der Geschichte), Husum 1980.
  • Syphilis in Sweden about 1800 (Actas: SIHM) Barcelona 1981
  • To collect or not to collect bulky objects (Actes: AEMHSM/EAMHMS) Barcelona 1990.
  • Gothenburg´s Florence Nightingale - about nurse Emma Klingberg at the Sahlgrenska Hospital (Nordisk Medicinhistorisk Årsbok) Stockholm 1992. (Swe. Summary in Eng.)
  • Medical History - a Science for everybody? (People´s History) Stockholm 1995. (Swe.)
  • Litothripsy at the Sahlgrens hospital (Actes: AEMHSM/EAMHMS) Leeds 1998.
  • Kirurgins historia i Göteborg/ The History of surgery in Gothenburg. Co-writer: Hans-Inge Peterson, Gothenburg 1999. (Swe.)
  • The Glass Jars from Russia (Actes: AEMHSM/EAMHMS) Paris 2002.



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