Dr Stuart Clark and the Origins of Science in Thame Town Hall

Scientist, Journalist, and Award-Winning Author comes to Thame

Dr Stuart Clark will give a talk on The Origins of Science.


Pulse Project is working alongside Thame Town Hall to deliver perhaps the first ever talk on science to be held at the Town Hall!  On Monday 13 June at 7.30pm, in the Upper Chamber, Dr Stuart Clark will give a talk on The Origins of Science.  


Dr Clark will relate “…how the fractious birth of science in the seventeenth century was driven by some of the hottest blood of all.  People like Galileo, Kepler and Newton dreamed of finding a ‘theory of everything’ – a way to explain all things in the ‘language of God’: mathematics.”


Journalist, award-winning author and broadcaster, Stuart Clark is an engaging storyteller.  Fiction or non-fiction, his work is written with conviction and with passion.  He holds a first-class honours degree and a PhD in astrophysics and has devoted his career to presenting the complex and dynamic world of astronomy to the general public.

His latest work is the pioneering trilogy The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth, which blends gripping, original historical fiction with popular science to tell the story of astronomy.


Tickets will be available from the end of May. To get tickets visit Thame Town Hall. The lecture will be recorded and available on pulse project. 




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