Math/Maths 48: Apocalypse, post-apocalypse & extinction

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Judgment Day Mathematics, and what happens next; You're Living in a Computer Simulation, and math proves it; Calculations may have overestimated extinction rates; Teeth Clenching Mathematics; The Danger of Praise; Supercomputers crack sixty-trillionth binary digit of Pi-squared; S. Korea US to Exchange Math Teachers; Teenagers must stick at English and maths; 71st Putnam; Olympiads; World Measurement Day; Arabic-Indic numerals; Calculus Rhapsody; and much more.

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Judgment Day Math: The Numbers behind Harold Camping's May 21 Claim
The Rapture: judgment day imminent ... if US engineer has calculated right
'Rapture': Believers perplexed after prediction fails
After failed May 21 Doomsday, what will Harold Camping do next?
Awkward reality for preacher after world fails to end
James Grime: How YouTube is popularising science
Early Mathematics Day Videos
You're Living in a Computer Simulation, and math proves it
Calculations may have overestimated extinction rates
Teeth Clenching Mathematics
Numberplay: The Danger of Praise
Computer Based Math
HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit
Maths teaching seeks the formula for good graduates
Maths Screencasts
Smart Phone Apps for University Mathematics
For Virginia STEM 2.7 Million
Supercomputers crack sixty-trillionth binary digit of Pi-squared
S. Korea US to Exchange Math Teachers
Teenagers must stick at English and maths
71st Putnam
2011 US Math Olympiad
European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad – Talent Search
World Measurement Day
We Use Math
MathsJam Conference
Dr Stuart Clarke and the Origins of Science in Thame Town Hall
Fifth BSHM / CSHPM / SCHPM Joint Conference on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
Tim Harford: The Adapt US and Canada tour
Felix Klein Prize 2012 nominations now open: maths solving an industrial problem
Arabic-Indic numerals
Calculus Rhapsody
Carnival of Mathematics #73 – Chuck Norris Edition
Katie Steckles: Playing Games With Squares
Edmund Harriss: Circles dancing in a rhomb
Edmund Harriss: Arrange whatever pieces come your way
How has #mathchat helped or what does it mean to you?
Undecidable and Decidable Problems in Mathematics: A survey and some reflections, for the centenary of Turing's birth
Maths learning centre transformation completed
14th Early Career Mathematicians Conference
Peter Rowlett's puzzle and maths birthday presents
2011-05-24 - IMA East Midlands Branch- Raising the Public Profile of Mathematics by Professor Peter Styring
Media Enhanced Teaching and Learning (METAL) Workshop

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