A Call for Submissions:“Expert Explanations: The Audio Encyclopaedia”

Seeing the Pulse Project grow into a recognised online podcast platform for the engagement with science and the history of medicine, we are now building an innovative audio reinvention of the print media mainstay, the Encyclopaedia. ‘Expert Explanations’ offer 4-8 minute introductions to key terms and theories in the medical humanities and sciences for a wider audience in general, and undergraduate students in particular. Succinct, engaging and challenging entries by experts in their fields, the audio encyclopaedia aims to create a vibrant and accessible online resource as well as a novel way to promote science and history.

Building a truly comprehensive audio encyclopaedia will clearly be work in progress as more entries are added, and we would greatly appreciate your help with this! We hope to launch the first ‘edition’ by the end of September, so please get in touch if you would like to know more and contribute an expert explanation on anything from evolution to eugenics, from atom to zoology.

Tudor and Colin

The Pulse-Project offers a broad range of freely accessible podcasts on the past and present of Science and Medicine for both general and specialised audiences, as well as the weeklypodcast series Math/Maths and Strange Quarks.

 P.S.The recording process itself is swift and utterly painless as we can simply record your ‘expert explanation’ via skype at your convenience. Alternatively, the raw recording would be a rather small file (ca 10mb), so you can simply email one to me if you have a mic and prefer to.  



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