Math/Maths 53: There was a young man from MMU

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter revisited Maths in the City and Favourite numbers with special guest Christian Perfect; Peter caught up with Ben Nuttall at the European Study Group with Industry in Limerick and Samuel and Peter spoke about: Google Correlate; Buffon’s Needle & other probabilistic experiments; An easy-to-make sequence that fooled random number checkers; Matching pennies; Whether Math Teachers need advanced subject knowledge; 20 Most Influential Scientists Alive Today; Mathematics Genealogy Project; Tennis maths; and more.

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Maths prize for student
Prospectus puzzle prize presented
What's your favourite number?
Maths in the City
Study Groups with Industry
Google Correlate "finds search patterns which correspond with real-world trends"
Google Correlate
Google Correlate Comic Book
Buffon’s Needle & other probabilistic experiments
An easy-to-make sequence that fooled random number checkers
Building a Better Math Teacher
HE Mathematics Curriculum Summit Report
Want better math teachers? Train them better, says MSU scholar
20 Most Influential Scientists Alive Today
Math Masters Trace Their Intellectual Lineage
Mathematics Genealogy Project
Game... Set... Match...
MathsCareers competition
The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition 2011
CETL-MSOR Conference 2011 – Preparing for Student-led Education
Induction Course for Lecturers new to teaching Mathematics and Statistics
Weird science: Faraday Lecture Theatre
Record an intro
Math/Maths Twitter App
East Midlands Big Bang
Developing mathematical thinking through problems, puzzles and games
University of Greenwich Maths Café

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