Math/Maths 55: Who discovered it? special

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week, for a non-topical episode, Samuel and Peter got an update from Ben Nuttall about his week in Ireland and then spoke about multiple discoveries and scientific priority disputes, covering: examples of multiple discoveries; Stigler's law; Standing on the shoulders of giants; polymath and more. Oh, and they touch on Newton/Leibnitz.

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Pulse-Project: The Origins of Science
Wikipedia: Benford's Law
Wikipedia: List of multiple discoveries
Wikipedia: Bowyer–Watson algorithm
Travels in a Mathematical World 9
Wikipedia: Kolmogorov complexity
Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm
Wikipedia: Fourier analysis
Wikipedia: Möbius strip
Wikipedia: List of scientific priority disputes
Wikipedia: Stigler's law
Wikipedia: List of examples of Stigler's law
Wikipedia: List of numbers
Countability and uncountability in Facebook groups
Wikipedia: Multiple discovery
Wikipedia: Heroic theory of invention and scientific development
János Bolyai
Bite sized history of mathematics: Non-Euclidean Geometry
'Bite-Sized' History of Mathematics
Wikipedia: Diffie-Hellman
Wikipedia: RSA
Wikipedia: Standing on the shoulders of giants
Wikipedia: The nature of scientific discovery
Wikipedia: Richard Hamilton (mathematician)
The polymath blog

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