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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Peter asked Samuel about Relatively Prime - you only have days left to support this fundraising effort. Then they spoke to special guest Tony Mann about a recent major conference in history and philosophy of mathematics and special guest Katie Steckles about handing in her PhD, being a mathematician at a children's birthday party and attending the BIG conference. Finally, Peter and Samuel spoke to each other about: The unplanned impact of maths: an update; The International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO); The answer to a 20 year old problem in optimisation; Portugal's New Education Ministers Mathematical Background; Chua Wins Australia's Neumann Award; Maths at the British Science Festival; Ri grants for schools for mathematics enrichment activity; IMA e-student (free signup); Marcus du Sautoy's The Code; Sam's thesis; and more.

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Relatively Prime
Tim Harford: Why social marketing doesn’t work
The British Society for the History of Mathematics
Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics/Société canadienne d'histoire et de philosophie des mathématiques
British Interactive Group (BIG)
When Math(s) Turns Out To Be Useful
Plus: The unplanned impact of maths
IMO Results
After almost 20 years, math problem falls
Portugal's New Education Ministers Mathematical Background
Chua Wins Australia's Neumann Award
Maths at the British Science Festival
2011 Grants for schools for mathematics enrichment activity - ROUND 3 NOW OPEN
IMA e-student (free signup)
The Code, BBC Two, preview
James Clare: IMA 14th Early Career Mathematician Conference
Let's Explore Mathematics
Proof: Primes are 6n +- 1
Heron's formula (area of triangle)
Sam's Thesis
Math/Maths Twitter App
CETL-MSOR 2010 Conference Proceedings

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