Math/Maths 71: Halloween Fruit Special

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: David Lynch, maths and art; Agreement to tie kilogram, ampere, kelvin, and mole to fundamentals; special guest appearance from James Grime to talk Chris Evans Breakfast Show, BBC2 Code-Breakers documentary, a new YouTube channel "Numberphile" and corduroy appreciation; Cantor Eggs; Bobbing apples; Experimental mathematics with computing; Spectral analysis; Cancer screening; EPSRC 'shaping capabilities'; and more.

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9 is an experimental error
Twin Peaks of Math and Art
David Lynch Adds Art to Maths
CGPM set to update international system of weights and measures
Agreement to tie kilogram and friends to fundamentals
Present and proposed units
James Grime at 2:05 on Chris Evans Breakfast Show
Code-Breakers: Bletchley Park's Lost Heroes
Numbers and Stars
Corduroy Appreciation Club
Cantor Eggs
Zari is the perfect bobbing apple, UCL professor finds
Experimental Mathematics: Computing power Leads to Insights
New Method in Spectral Analysis: Measuring the Distance of Processes
Breast screening review will rely on “experts at the statistics”
Considering When It Might Be Best Not to Know About Cancer
Screening for Breast Cancer
Screening for breast cancer with mammography
U.S. Panel Says No to Prostate Screening for Healthy Men
Study Confirms Chest X-Rays Ineffective for Detecting Lung Cancer
Looking For Lung Cancer With A Yearly X-Ray Doesn't Reduce Deaths
EPSRC won’t shelve ‘shaping capabilities’ – but will consult more
Strange Quarks: Series 3 Episode 1 (Mark Lynas)
15th IMA Early Career Mathematicians Conference
Cell Communication and Signaling: Science under the lamppost
Pod Delusion Episode 108 (Peter's bit is at 36:40)

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