Math/Maths 79: Review of the year - 1811

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In a traditional move for the start of January we attempt a review of the year. In an untraditional move, we choose the year 1811. Samuel and Peter weren't able to speak directly because of the ongoing tension following American independence and the brewing Anglo-American war of 1812, but they cover some mathematical hot topics and the work of several contemporary mathematicians, including Carl Friedrich Gauss, Joseph Fourier, Mary Sommerville, Joseph-Louis Lagrange, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Siméon Denis Poisson and Marie-Sophie Germain, plus the tale of a mathematician born this year: Évariste Galois.

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Mathematics Chronology for 1800 to 1810
Mathematics Chronology for 1810 to 1820
Math/Maths History Tour of Nottingham - George Green: Miller, Mathematician, and Physicist
Carl Friederich Gauss
Joseph Fourier
Mary Sommerville
Joseph-Louis Lagrange
Pierre-Simon Laplace
Siméon Denis Poisson
200 years of Poisson's ratio
Marie-Sophie Germain
Evariste Galois
Music by Lucas Gonze

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