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Sir Walter Bodmer (Cancer & Immunogenetics Laboratory, The Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Oxford [staff page]), has developed models for population genetics and done work on the human leukocyte antigen system and the use of somatic cell hybrids for human linkage studies. In 1985 he chaired a Royal Society committee which wrote The Bodmer Report; this has been credited with starting the movement for the public understanding of science. Reading Mathematics at Cambridge University Walter Bodmer worked with Sir Ronald Fisher, moving into statistics. After receiving his PhD at Cambridge University he continued as a fellow. In 1961 he joined Prof. Joshua Lederberg's laboratory in the Genetics Department of Stanford University, continuing his research on population genetics, using the computing facilities that Stanford could offer. In 1962 Walter Bodmer was appointed to the faculty at Stanford. He left Stanford University in 1970 to become the first Professor of Genetics at Oxford University. In 2005, Sir Walter Bodmer was appointed to lead an examination the genetic makeup of the United Kingdom - the People of the British Isles project. He is currently Head of the Cancer and Immunogenetics Laboratory in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford. Research interests of the laboratory include the fundamental genetics and biology of colorectal cancer.


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