Site Redesign - 30th January 2012 LIVE!

It has been four years since we set up the pulse project website and recorded our first lecture. We have strived to build up a science communication website that has something for everyone. We are now proud to introduce new aspects of the website. We will still record and make available science and history of medicine videos and conferences. 

We are launching the aptly named Expert Explanations and at the moment it's in the beta stage it should grow into a valuable online resource. Expert Explanations is an online Audio Encyclopaedia. We have recorded experts explain scientific terms to the public. To launch this we have a range of experts and terms including, Anomalistic psychology, Genetics, Paradigms and even Science by experts including Sir Walter Bodmer, Prof Chris French and Edzard Ernst. We hope to build up the collection on a weekly basis and become a resource people can visit regularly.

We are currently building up seminar series and events that we will record and add to the site that should entertain and educate people. We will keep people informed about all the upcoming events and when the recordings will be released.

We are also updating the site with Scientific images to keep it all fresh and inspiring and we ask that while we have a creative commons approach to material that all copyright and works are credited if you choose to use our images. If you have any ideas or suggestions about how to improve our content, or want to get involved then please do contact us.

We hope you enjoy our content. 



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