Math/Maths 101: Ian Stewart Live from the Cheltenham Festival

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter were joined live from the Cheltenham Science Festival by surprise (to everyone involved) special guest Ian Stewart who chatted about the mathematics behind board game strategy, mathematical thinking through gameplay and presenting mathematical theories to the media. Also from Cheltenham they were joined by Jocelyn D'Arcy to chat about Maths Jam and Matt Parker's show, and John Read to chat about a wide range of talks he's seen at the Festival. Around this Samuel and Peter chatted to each other about: how childhood mathematics performance is affected by obesity and knowledge of fractions and division; the draft UK primary mathematics changes now available for consultation; a study which proves that bears can 'count' too; The Turing Solution; Blue plaque to Turing to be unveiled live online; James Grime's support for e-petition to put Alan Turing on the next £10 note; Sir Tim Gowers; and more.

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Our guests this week were:
Ian Stewart (website) / Ian Stewart (Wikipedia)
Jocelyn D'Arcy
John Read

Childhood Obesity Affects math Performance
Knowledge of Fractions and Long Division Predicts Long-Term Math Success
Carnegie Mellon-Led Research Team Finds Knowledge Of Fractions and Long Division Predicts Long-Term Math Success
Draft UK primary mathematics changes for consultation
Study Proves that bears can “count”
Bears 'count' too: quantity estimation and comparison in black bears, Ursus americanus
Maths Arcade
MathsJam Cheltenham
Cheltenham Science Festival
Strange Quarks: Series 3 Episode 3 (Mark Henderson)
The Turing Solution
Blue plaque to Turing unveiled
singingbanana: Campaign for the Turing Tenner
e-petition: Put Alan Turing on the next £10 note
Math/Maths Twitter App
The Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2012
The Moment from Second Rate Minds

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