Math/Maths 103: In which every equation halves the listenership

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: malarial transmission; signal processing algorithm to test voice for Parkinson's disease; baseball run modelling; heavy use of equations impedes communication among biologists; city complexity; gang territorial boundaries; how physicist Jim Kakalios invented a math equation for the new Spider-Man movie; restoration target reached for Bletchley Park's iconic WW2 codebreaking huts; biggest Turing test results; Alan Turing debated in Parliament; and more.

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Study Proposes a New Mathematical Model to Study Malarial Transmission
Mathematician develops vocal method of testing for Parkinson's disease
Voice algorithms spot Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's Voice Initiative
A Journey to Baseball’s Alternative Universe
Maths-heavy papers put biologists off
Scientists struggle with mathematical details
Heavy use of equations impedes communication among biologists
The Mathematical Puzzle That Is the Complexity of the City
Remapping gang turf: Math model shows crimes cluster on borders between rivals
The Ecology of Gang Territorial Boundaries
How physicist Jim Kakalios invented a math equation for the new Spider-Man movie
Restoration Lifeline for Bletchley Park’s Iconic WW2 Codebreaking Huts Coincides with Turing Centenary
Bot with boyish personality wins biggest Turing test
Special report: Alan Turing debated in Parliament
Hansard Turing debate
Video: Centenary of the birth of Alan Turing – Dr Julian Huppert
Jump Math
Science Sparring Society Edward Drinker Cope Vs. Othniel Charles Marsh

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