Math/Maths 109: How Dan Brown made the Golden Ratio popular

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Bill Thurston (1946-2012); Jerry Nelson (1934-2012); Neil Armstrong (1930-2012); A mathematician goes to the beach; solid state quantum computer; Searching for Grigori Perelman; A-level and GCSE results; Golden Ratio Discovered in Uterus; Pi Population; Udacity Cancels Free Online Math Course, Citing Low Quality; Bletchley Park Podcast; Leonardo DiCaprio Won't Play THE IMITATION GAME; Maths at the British Science Festival 2012; Announcing ACMEScience News Now.

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Bill Thurston has died
What's new: Bill Thurston
hyperbolic crochet: Bill Thurston (1946-2012)
William Thurston NYTimes Obituary
Two well-known mathematicians died this week
Jerry Nelson, voice of the Count, Dies
Voice of Sesame Street Count von Count dies aged 78
I've got your missing links right here (Neil Armstrong edition)
A mathematician goes to the beach
UCSB researchers demonstrate that 15=3x5 about half of the time
Searching for Grigori Perelman
A-level results - Mathematics is counting its success
GCSE results day 2012 - Thursday 23 August
Exams regulator to investigate GCSE gradings
ACME response to draft primary curriculum
Golden Ratio Discovered in Uterus
The Da Vinci Code of fertility: How the 'golden ratio' made popular by Dan Brown could reveal the most fertile wombs
Pi Population
Nothing nerdy about math's role in society
Udacity Cancels Free Online Math Course, Citing Low Quality
Bletchley Park Podcast
Bletchley Park Podcast announcement
Leonardo DiCaprio Won't Play THE IMITATION GAME; Warner Bros. Backs Out of the Production
Maths at the British Science Festival 2012
Mathematical Sciences HE Curriculum Innovation Final Update
Dividing plate
Is symmetry beautiful?
Math/Maths Twitter App
ACMEScience News Now Episode 1: Paul Hines

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