New Podcasts: Conference Coverage of “The German Archipelago: German Minorities and Interwar Eugenics”

The Pulse Project is pleased to announce the publication of the 11 podcasts recorded over the course of the conference:

“The German Archipelago: German Minorities and Interwar Eugenics”

16 - 19 December 2011, Balliol College, Oxford


The event was organised by Oxford Brookes University and its Working Group on the History of Race and Eugenics in collaboration with the University of Göttingen and the Pulse Project, and kindly funded by the University of Oxford's Cantemir Institute and The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media upon a Decision of the German Bundestag


The conference programme can be found HERE

The concluding conference report can be found HERE


For further information please contact the convenors:

Tudor Georgescu: or

Björn Felder:


Tudor Georgescu (Oxford Brookes University)

Transylvanian Saxons Eugenics: Concepts and Practices


Björn M. Felder (University of Goettingen)

From Proto-Eugenics to Euthanasia: Baltic GermanEugenicsin Latvia and Estonia 1890-1940


Paul Weindling (Oxford Brookes University)

The Volga Germans as a Focus of Rival Racial Pathologies


Filip Krčmar (Novi Sad University)

The Swabian-German Kulturbund and Eugenic Issues in Yugoslavia’s Volksdeutsche Periodicals, 1921-1941


John C. Swanson (Utica College, New York)

A people with Two Souls: Making Germans in Interwar Hungary


Hildrun Glass (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich)

Reconceptualisation of German Ethnic Identity in Romania under Nazi influence


Mariana Hausleitner (Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich)

The political radicalization of the Volksdeutsche in Bessarabia, the Bukowina, and the Banat 1933-1935


Susanne Schlechter (NS-Memorial Alte Pathologie‘ Wehnen/ Oldenburg)

Missing Resettlers: ‘Heim ins Reich’ in the Shadow of Nazi Politics from 1940 to 1944


Maria Fiebrandt (Technical University Dresden)

Racial Hygienic Mechanisms of Selections during the Resettlement of the Volksdeutsche, 1939-45


Steffen Werther (Stockholm University)

Volk vs. Race: The German Minority in Denmark and the SS idea of a ‘Greater Germanic Empire’


Stephan Lehnsteadt (German-Historical-Institute, Warsaw)

Exercising Germanisation: The Volksdeutsche and Racial Politics in Warthegau and General Government


The podcasts were edited by Simon Wilson



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