Math/Maths 112: Matt Parker's Domino Computer

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A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke to Matt Parker about the inner workings of his Domino Computer for the Manchester Science Festival; and they spoke to each other about: The claimed proof of the ABC conjecture; The astronomical unit gets voted fixed; 3.14159 IN THE SKY; Higgs boson papers published; BAM Einstein on the Beach;'s Mathematical Instruments; Steven Strogatz's Me, Myself and Math; Relatively Prime's The Toolbox; and more. Get Relatively Prime via

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Proof claimed for deep connection between primes
Minhyong Kim on ABC
Amazing mathematics - the abc conjecture
The astronomical unit gets fixed
Domino Computer Challenge
Domino Computer Challenge: HELP
The Domino Computer Testing Team with a working full-adder domino circuit (Matt's labelled inputs/outputs)
3.14159 IN THE SKY
Higgs boson gets peer-review seal of approval
BAM Einstein on the Beach
Mathematical Instruments
Me, Myself and Math
The Toolbox
Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
With one day to go ... course enrollment just topped 50K
Number Gossip
Number Gossip is back!
90th Carnival of Mathematics
Math/Maths Twitter App
Peter's PhD project: volunteers needed
IMA Employer's Forum on Employability of Mathematics Graduates
Maths Jam: playing with maths in pubs, an international movement

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