“War and Medicine Since 1914”

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War and Medicine Since 1914

Prof Alan Hawley

University of Manchester

18 October 2012, Oxford Brookes University


Summary: In this lecture, Major General Prof Alan Hawley offers a sweeping overview of the interrelationships between war and medicine from the origins of the First World War unto the present day, focussing amongst others on the remarkable level of linkages between social and military organisation, the extent to which military and civilian partnerships generated and benefitted from new medical innovations, the reallocation and prioritisation of national resources, as well as the ever-changing technologies and modes of warfare.

Guest Lecture for the UG module ‘Brave New Worlds: Medicine and Modernity’ held on the 18 October 2012, Oxford Brookes University.


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Alan Hawley: “Minds at War: War Psychiatry since World War One.” 21 February 2012, Oxford Brookes University



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