New Docu: "Death of a Psychiatrist. Eugenics and Totalitarianism”, The Museum of Polish History and Świętego Mikołaja Foundation

Shared Notice/ Press Release from the Museum of Polish History:

The following is a press release regarding a short film released on YouTube and that will interest many:


"The Museum of Polish History announces the release of a new documentary film.

The film „Death of a Psychiatrist. Eugenics and Totalitarianism”, produced by The Museum of Polish History in collaboration with the Świętego Mikołaja Foundation, is now available for viewing.

Twenty thousand mentally and physically handicapped people, Polish citizens, were murdered in Poland under the Occupation in the name of Nazi racial hygiene. Among the victims were the Polish and Jewish doctors who looked after them. The film tells the story of Dr. Karol Mikulski (1901-1940), a  psychiatrist and chief doctor of the psychiatric hospital in Gostynin who committed suicide on March 18th, 1940 in protest at the murder of innocent people. After the war, the Polish writer Stanisław Lem wrote a novel about him. It was his first novel, and it was called „ Hospital of Transfiguration”. The film „Death of a Psychiatrist” is in the form of an interview with  daughter of Mikulski - Dr. Izabella Galicka.

English version:

German version:

Robert Kostro, Director,

Museum of Polish History"



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