"Globalization, Human Collective Learning, & the Appeal of Intercultural Humanism: Driving forces & Contemplations in the C21st

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Zhang Xinhua

(Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

"Globalization, Human Collective Learning, and the Appeal of Intercultural Humanism:Driving forces and Contemplations (in the 21st Century)"


Paper presented at:

Intercultural Humanism: Challenges, Experiences, Visions, Strategies

10-11 September 2010, Christ Church College, Oxford


Convened by The Berendel Foundation in association with the Modern European History Research Centre, University of Oxford


Abstract: The paper starts with a discussion about the current global conditions and strives to delineate a larger, global reference frame of the challenges and driving forces which herald a historical paradigmatic shift in human evolution. This global reference framework serves as the political, social and cultural background from which implications for the development of intercultural humanism will be elaborated in order to provide a cognitive foundation for further exploration. The paper’s key section concentrates on the visions and specific contemplations (or content components) of the emerging new field of intercultural humanism, which help us to change the current course of humanity and prepare the necessary consciousness for a shared future for human development. In the concluding section, the paper elaborates on the sources of intercultural thinking by way of human collective learning and the principles and practices of global intelligence which constitute the bedrock of intercultural humanism.


Short Bio: Zhang Xinhua is a professor at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and the Director of its Center for Policy and Strategic Studies. He is also Overseas Advisor of the China-Australia Studies Forum (Center) of RMIT of Australia and Guest Professor of Teachers University of Fujian. Concurrently he holds the following social and business positions: Member of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Shanghai Vision Consultants Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China.



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