"Gender, Humanism and Technology"

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Alex Goody

(Oxford Brookes University)

"Gender, Humanism and Technology"


Paper presented at:

Intercultural Humanism: Challenges, Experiences, Visions, Strategies

10-11 September 2010, Christ Church College, Oxford


Convened by The Berendel Foundation in association with the Modern European History Research Centre, University of Oxford


Abstract: In the last decade of the twentieth century technology contributed to a reassessment of human identity that extended beyond the pages of Science Fiction. Humanism, and the basic assumptions about subjectivity that had underpinned a reasonably stable conception of the human, were challenged by speculations about a possible posthuman future. This paper explores the impact of late twentieth century technology on conceptions of the human subject paying particular attention to configurations of the gendered body and exploring the hypertext fiction Patchwork Girl by Shelley Jackson.


Short Bio: Alex Goody is a Senior Lecturer in the English Department at Oxford Brookes University. She is the author of Modernist Articulations (Palgrave, 2007) and Technology, Literature and Culture (Polity Press, 2011), the editor of American Modernism: Cultural Transactions (CSP, 2010) and has published articles and chapters on New York Dada, gender and Modernism, and women writers including Gertrude Stein, Mina Loy and Djuna Barnes.



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