“Mapping Sentiments Towards the Poor”

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Peter Jones, Steven King, and Ben Harvey

(University of Leicester)

“Mapping Sentiments Towards the Poor”


Paper presented to the conference:

"Mapping Humans: From Body to Cosmos"

13-15 September 2011, Oxford


Third Annual Conference of the Berendel Foundation, in association with the University of Leicester and the Cantemir Institute at the University of Oxford


Short Bios:

Steven King is Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities at the University of Leicester and Professor of Economic History. He has worked widely on histories of health, welfare and demography and is just completing a study for Continuum Press on the sick poor in England 1750-1834. Recent publications include: S.A.King, ‘Demographische Vergangenheit, demographische Zukunft: Wolfhart, politik und Bevölkerung in England, 1750-2000’, in T. Sokoll (ed), Soziale Sicherungsssyeteme und demographische Wechsellagen: Historisch-vergleichende Perspektiven (1500-2000), (Münster, 2011), 133-68; A.Gestrich, E. Hurren and S. A. King (eds.), Poverty and Sickness in Modern Europe: Narratives of the Sick Poor, 1780-1938 (London, 2012); and S. A. King and M. Shephard, ‘Courtship and the remarrying man in late-Victorian England’, Journal of Family History, 52 (2012), 1-22.

Peter Jones is Honorary Research Fellow, Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leicester. He has a long standing interest in the problems of public office holding in nineteenth century and twentieth century British urban society. Much of this work has been comparative looking at the nature of office holders in different types and sizes of towns. This has led, additionally, to an examination of the nature of the middle classes in different types of urban communities. He is currently pursuing an investigation into the problem of corruption in British urban society c.1930 -1990. His publications include: Unfinished Work: An Essay in Honour of H.J. Dyos 1921-1978 (University of Leicester 2010), as well as The 1848 Revolutions (Longmans Seminar Studies in History, 1981, 1992) and Leicester in the Twentieth Century (Allan Sutton, 1996) with D.Nash, D. Reeder and R. Rodger.

Ben Harvey is Research Assistant, Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leicester.


[Recorded and edited by Simon Wilson]



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