History of Medicine Seminar Podcasts, Oxford Brookes University, Autumn 2013

The Pulse Project is pleased to present 5 podcasts recorded over the course of the Autumn Semester, History of Medicine Seminar Series funded by the Centre's Wellcome Trust Strategic Award:

‘The Personal and the Public: Perspectives on Social History of Health and Medicine’

Convener: Professor Paul Weindling


Centre for Health, Medicine and Society: Past and Present, Oxford Brookes University



Prof Alfons Labisch (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf):

"Social History of Medicine Today: A Classic Approach in the Aftermath of the Turns." 1 October 2013  [38min06]


Dr Paul Watkins (Oxford Brookes University):

"European Veterinary Refugees 1933-1950: From Despair to Diplomas" 15 October 2013 [39min30]


Dr Pamela Michael (Honorary Senior Research Fellow, School of Social Sciences, Bangor University):

"Private Worlds and Public Asylums: A Study of two Welsh Mental Hospitals." 29 October 2013 [45min35]


Prof Ludmilla Jordanova (Professor of History and Visual Culture, University of Durham):

"Intimacy and Display in ‘Medical’ Portraits." 26 November 2013 [41min15]


Dr Roberta Bivins (Director, Centre for the History of Medicine, University of Warwick):

"‘Slummy Foreign Germs’? Politics, Medicine and Postcolonial Migration." 10 December 2013 [45min34]



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