Extinction in Neuropsychology

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Prof Glyn Humphreys, Watts Professor of Experimental Psychology, Head of the University of Oxford's Department Experimental Psychology, and an ERC Advanced Investigator, is a cognitive neuroscientist with a diverse set of research interests including the diagnosis and management of cognitive problems and a remarkable publication track record of over 500 papers and 16 books, in addition to a range of awards and accolades. For further information please see his: Staff Page.


Recent Publications

Top-down guidance of eye movements in conjunction search Vision Res 79 (2013)

Visual responses to action between unfamiliar object pairs modulate extinction Neuropsychologia 51 (2013)

Parietal substrates for dimensional effects in visual search: Evidence from lesion-symptom mapping Brain 136 (2013)

The central role of the temporo-parietal junction and the superior longitudinal fasciculus in supporting… Cortex 49 (2013)

Impaired visual sensitivity within the ipsilesional hemifield following parietal lobe damage Cortex 49 (2013)


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Extinction in Neuropsychology

Visual Neglect



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