“Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother”:  Violence Against Parents in Past and Present

St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, Oxford, 6-7 July 2015


Convened by:

Dr. Raisa Maria Toivo (University of Tampere, Finland)
Prof. Marianna Muravyeva (Oxford Brookes University, UK)


6 July, Monday

11.00-11.30 – Opening session

            Introduction by the coveners Raisa Toivo and Marianna Muravyeva


11.30-13.00 –Session 1: Motives and Opportunities in Contemporary Parricides

Chair/Discussant: Marianna Muravyeva

"Degenerative Parricides: Attitudes to Killing Parents in the 19th-century Russian Criminal Justice System"

Marianna Muravyeva

"Parricide and psychic violence in the family setting"

Florian Houssier

"Exploring the offense trajectory of fatal and non-fatal violence towards parents across the life cycle"

Amanda Holt and Phillip Shon


13.00-14.30 – lunch


14.30-16.00 – Session 2:Exemplary Parricides in the Modern European North

Chair/Discussant: Karen Hassan Jansson

"'His disobedient son': A trial case study from Finnmark, Northern Norway, from the mid-eighteenth century"

Liv Helene Willumsen

"Appropriation and Fictionalisation in Representations of Parricide: The Thorvald     Sletten Murder Case 1899-1907"

Silje Warberg

"'So No-One Could Hear Her Scream': A matricide in Northern Denmark that challenged legislators and shook a community

Annette Ekström Larner


16.00-16.30 – Tea


16.30-18.00 – Session 3: Historicising Parricide: Localities and Identities

Chair/Discussant:Manon van den Heijden

"The cases of parricide in the courts of Early Modern Estonia and Livonia"

Ken Ird

"Gender and the Historicity of Parricide: A Case Study from the 19th-Century North American West”

Peter Boag

"Sources of conflict in South Korean parricides, 1948-63"

Phillip Shon



7 July, Tuesday

09.00-10.30 – Session 4: Violence and Ideal Family in Eighteenth-Century Europe

Chair/Discussant: Garthine Walker

"'You would have them lock me up and sell me as slave': Parents and children in eighteenth-century Wallachia"

Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu

"'A Timely Warning to Rash and Disobedient Children': Normative Literature and Violence against Parents in England over the Long Eighteenth Century"

Jim Sharpe

"Non-lethal assaults against parents in early modern Munich: perspectives on fatherhood"

Satu Lidman


10.30-11.00 – Coffee


11.00-12.30 – Session 5: Generational Conflicts and Parental Authority

Chair/Discussant: Raisa Toivo

"Disapproval of parental violence against children through the example of forced monachization in Eighteenth Century France"

Alexandra Roger

"Choosing the bridegroom: Guardianship and conflicts between generations in eighteenth century Sweden and Finland"

Jonas liliequist

"Words and Deeds: Children’s violence towards their Parents in 19th Century Romanian Society"

Nicoleta Roman


12.30-14.00 – Lunch


14.00-15.30 – Session 6: Struggling with Parental Authority in Early Modern Europe

Chair/Discussant: Krista Kesselring

"Violence against parents in eighteenth-century Denmark"

Nina Koefoed

"Bad Parenting and Parent abuse in early modern Finland: Scandal, rumour and emotion"

Raisa Toivo

"Violence against paternal authority figures: The prosecution of catholic priests and protestant ministers during the great witch-hunts"

Rita Voltmer


15.30-16.00 – Tea


16.00-17.30 – Session 7: Methodologies and perspectives on studying parricide and violence against parents

            Closing discussion moderated by Marianna Muravyeva and Raisa Toivo


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